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Parent information, Survival Guide & Back-to-School FAQs


Whether you are new to Crocker, or your fifth child is an eighth grader, the first few weeks of school bring up many questions for parents.

The following documents noted below, were distributed at our first Parent Group Meeting of the year. In case you missed it, please print out these helpful documents: 
Crocker Middle School Parent Group was organized to promote the welfare of the children attending Crocker and to encourage cooperation among parents, teachers, administrators and of  the trustees of Hillsborough School Board.  It is a part of the Associated Parents' Groups of Hillsborough (APG).  All Crocker parents or guardians are members of the Parent Group; all PG members who have paid their dues have voting rights.
At the beginning of each year, the Parent Group collects dues that support the 3 following topics:
  1. Communication and Cooperation: Crocker Parent Directory, Viking Parent Newsletter, guest speakers, parent group meetings, networking meetings, superintendent coffees, membership in the Associated Parent Group and this Parent Group Website!.
  2. Student Enrichment and Special Events: Allocation for school needs, staff appreciation events, and gifts, skating parties, Cotillion, community programs and events.
  3. Disaster Preparedness: Maintaining and updating earthquake/disaster supplies.
  4. Please see the Crocker Survival Guide below to help you get started!
  5. Back to School frequently asked questions (FAQ's) click on sidebar link.


State Testing:

 The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress system, known as CAASPP. 

Looking ahead, for the school year, the new CAASPP testing program in English Language Arts and Mathematics will be fully operational for grades 3-8 (not 2nd, as in previous years). In addition, the science tests will continue to be given at grades 5 and 8. The CAPA test will not be given this year, but an alternative assessment will be field tested. More information about these tests will be forthcoming throughout the year.

If you have any questions about the test itself or your child’s participation, please contact your site principal or Ms. Toni Presta, Director of Educational Services.

** Here is a list of Acronyms to help you out!

STAR              (Standardized Testing and Reporting)

CST                (California Standards Test)

CMA                (California Modified Assessment)

CAPA              (California Alternate Performance Assessment)

CAASPP         (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) 

HCSD Forward:

Visit our new HCSD Forward website by clicking!  
There you can find documents relating to this important visioning process, a calendar of events, a blog feature allowing you to give your thoughts and input, and information about the HCSD Forward Steering Committee including: our agendas, our meeting notes, and the names and emails of our members.
Sep 12, 2014, 12:29 PM