PG President's Message

August 2018

Dear Crocker Viking Parents, 

We look forward to seeing you on Monday, August 27th, 
 - the first day of school.To help you transition from summer days to school days, enclosed is information that we hope you will find useful. 


A “VIKINGS” Welcome


V - VOLUNTEER- Although middle school is a bit trickier than elementary school (mainly because your children may be less inclined to have you on campus), there are still numerous ways in which you can be involved. 


Lunch Volunteering:This a great way to see your child, meet

other kids, and experience middle school dynamics at work. To sign up please visit:


Event Volunteering:There are various committees where

parents can participate, meet others and support our school.



I - INQUIRE- What better way to learn about what Crocker has to offerthan to come to our Crocker Parent Group Meetings. At these meetings we will discuss the latest and greatest at Crocker.   


August 31– 8:45am

First CPG General Parent Group Meeting 

All parentswelcome.  Crocker Library.



K - KEEP IN TOUCH- There are several places to find relevant Crocker News.


Crocker Parent Group Website:


Crocker Events On Video

Tune in to what is happening around Crocker through school



Crocker Viking Newsletter:  Look for a bi-monthly newsletter 

via email.  This update includes notes from our Crocker

Principal, Parent Board, and information for upcoming activities.


Social Media:  Follow Crocker on Instagram at

@crockervikings411 and Twitter at @crockervikings. 



I - INTEGRATED- The Crocker Parent Group Board has further simplified the dues structure by integrating the various dues into one grade-level payment.  Your dues will cover the yearbook, the directory, class parties, field trips to Great America & Raging Waters, Cotillion and more. Please make every effort to complete your payment before the school year begins.


Dues Payment:   



N - NETWORKING- Every grade level has wonderful grade-specific networking meetings hosted by our networking chairs. These meetings provide parents with the opportunity to get to know each other and to learn about grade-specific topics. Past topics have included: the high school application process, social media, and middle school stress/anxiety.


Parent Networking Meetings By Grade:

     September 7– 8:45am - 6th Grade Networking Coffee Crocker Library.

     September 14– 8:45am - 7th Grade Networking Coffee Crocker Library. 

    September 21– 8:45am - 8th Grade Networking Coffee Crocker Library.



G - GO ONLINE– There are a variety of ways to stay informed.

Hillsborough City School District:

All Hillsborough School Calendars, Crocker Powerschool

portal, bell schedule and more!


Crocker calendar



If you’d like to keep up with your child’s progress in school,

make sure to download the Power School application. 


SpiritWear:  Crocker spirit clothing



S - SUPPORT: Your Crocker Parent Group Board is here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or input.


Crocker Parent Group Board 


Co-Presidents: Jill Hetherington and Jean Scheible

Co-VP of Volunteers:  Joanna Bruso and Suzy LesterTreasurer: Esther Buss

Newsletter Editor:Leslie Huie

Secretary: Jen Ullyot

Networking Rep: Cameron Hecht and Katie Schmidt

Trustee Rep: Deb Kelly 

Site Council Chair: Julie Veit

6th Grade Reps:Katie St. Geme and Linda Willey 

7th Grade Reps:Shaun Mc Kall and Afsoon Turner 

8th Grade Reps: Mairin Macaluso and Sharon Shaw


We hope you have enjoyed a great summer and are ready for the new school year. We feel much gratitude for our amazing Crocker community and are excited about the upcoming year. 




Jill Hetherington, Co-President

Jean Scheible, Co-President

Crocker Parent Group Executive Board 2018- 2019