Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in signing up for a volunteering opportunity on any of our committees at Crocker, please click on the link below:

If you have questions: Please contact 
Co-VP of Volunteers, at {Linda Willey and Deb Crisp}
Crocker  School Parent Group 2019 - 2020
Committee                                        Chairperson(s)
Lunar New Year Celebration
Dance Chaperones Coordinator
Disaster Preparedness
Hospitality, Meetings
Staff Welcome and Farewell lunches
Library Volunteers Coordinator
New Parent Reception
Parent Group Directory
Parent Network Chair
6th Grade Networking
7th Grade Networking
8th Grade Networking
School Lunch Coordinator
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
Turkey Trot
Web Coordinator
6th Grade Cotillion
6th Grade Social Event
7th Grade Social Event
8th Grade Activities
8th Grade Graduation Dance
8th Grade Rehearsal Lunch
8th Grade Great America Trip
8th Grade Ski Trip
8th Grade Parent Reception
8th Grade Memory Video
8th Grade Graduation
Jaynry Mak
Erin Lager
Zara Fritts
Rachel Gatoff
Tammi Michael
Theresa Callicott, Paiman Emami
Crocker Librarian
Katie Schmidt, Sarah Evars & Jill Hetherington
Erin Lager
Afsoon Turner & Katie St. Geme
Karen Crawford
Anna Bellinghausen
Jane Armstrong & Rana Ayoub
Tiffany Tsurdome
Jaynry Mak
Erin Aliaga
Shaun Mc Kall
Joanna Bruso & Katie Schmidt
Karen Crawford & Sheila Higgins
Jenny Schaffer
Suzy Lester & Joanna Bruso
Jaynry Mak & Shieny Chung
Becky Selna & Angela O'Connor
Jill Hetherington Christine Grieve
Janice Moore & Lisa Mc New
Joanna Bruso & Katie Schmidt
Erin Alaga
Mia Alioto, Jennifer Sung & Deanna Verhoeven