CPG Executive Board

Welcome to the Crocker Parent Group (CPG) website. The CPG's mission is to support Crocker School students, Crocker School staff, and provide community building activities for Crocker families.  Our purpose is to promote the welfare of the children attending Crocker Middle School and to encourage cooperation among parents, teachers, administrators, and school board trustees. The CPG is part of the Associated Parents' Group (APG) of Hillsborough. The Crocker Parent Group wants all Crocker families to feel well informed and connected to our outstanding community.

2024-25 CPG Executive Board Officers

Co-Presidents:  Bonnie W Feldman & Nahall Fells

Co-VP of Volunteers:  Mary Ann Hasenstab & Bessie Seybold

Secretary:  Laura Hansen

Treasurer:  Courtney Rodgers (2024-25); Claudia Hu (2025-26)

Communications Representatives:  Carolyn Lorber (Social Media/Parent Communication) & Kimi Tsui (Newsletter)

Networking Chairs:  Courtney Bocci

Trustee Rep:  Breigh McCall

6th Grade Reps:  Danielle Chang & Mariviv Maghsoudnia

7th Grade Reps:  Julie Ann Dougery & Mako Hayashi

8th Grade Reps:  Cinthia Simon & Charlotte Soja


Crocker School Site Council 2024-25

Chairs: TBD