Crocker Lingo 

A list of definitions and helpful tips to guide and welcome you to Crocker!  

ACE:  Actual Cost to Educate - the gap between the funds our district receives and the cost to provide the excellent education we expect. 

APG: Associated Parents’ Group, our version of PTA for all four schools. The President of each school’s Parent Group sits on the APG Board.  APG often schedules speakers for parent education events. 

Bagel Day: Every Wednesday, bagels and juice can be purchased from the Student Store. 

Bell Schedule: Every day except Thursday, classes begin at 8:30 and end at 3:20.  On Thursdays, classes begin at 8:30 and end at 2:15.   See Lunch for specific lunch times.  Crocker students also receive a morning recess around 10:30.

Blue & Gold Days: Crocker runs an alternating schedule of Blue and Gold Days. PE, world language and electives rotate on those days. 

Chromebook:  Each student is provided a Chromebook laptop computer for use during the school year. Chromebook protective covers are required. Chromebook insurance is strongly recommended.

Class Competitions: 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders compete throughout the year to earn the most points for a trip to Raging Waters at the end of the school year.

Class Schedule: Class schedules are provided to students on the first day of school during First Period.  Any issues with classes or electives are managed during the first week through the school office.  

Community Service: Crocker provides opportunities for students to perform community service. Community service hours are not required but are definitely encouraged.  A signup sheet is posted outside of the Counselor’s office (on west side of the Multi-Purpose Room), or you can find out about projects through the Viking News. The Faculty Advisor for community service is Audrey Fairchild. 

Conference Week: A week of shortened days, just like the elementary schools, where parents can schedule optional conferences, if they need or want to meet with a teacher.

Cotillion: An optional enrichment program for 6th graders to meet and learn to dance.  Cotillion is normally 6 or 7 sessions on Monday evenings in January, February and March. 

CPG:  Crocker Parent Group executive board.  CPG roles are filled by Crocker parents and include President, VP of Volunteers, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications, and Networking, Trustee, and 6th, 7th & 8th grade reps.

Dances: Crocker holds dances for 7th and 8th graders. 6th graders may attend the last dance of the year. 

DREAM:  Developing Responsible Empathetic Adolescent Mentors (formerly WEB) - 8th grade student leaders and mentors to the incoming 6th graders.  Students apply for this program at the end of 7th grade.  See Ms. Slater's website for more information.

Electives: In addition to a world language, students select their preferences from a list of elective classes.  This selection usually occurs in the spring for the following school year.  Electives can be 1 year-long elective (such as band or HTV), or 3 electives that rotate each trimester (examples include photography, art, or Maker's Space).  Flex is required in 6th grade and does not count as one of the electives.  Flex is an elective in 7th & 8th grade.  

First Period: Your student’s first period class doubles as their homeroom class, where attendance will be taken and HTV broadcasts will be reviewed each morning. 

Flex: Every 6th grader takes flex, a period to learn organizational skills, do homework, make up tests, meet with a teacher or read.  7th & 8th graders have the option to continue with flex or to replace it with another elective. 

Fly-offs:  A 40-year Crocker tradition, usually held just before winter break. Students build a plane and compete to have their plane fly for the longest time at a school-wide assembly. 

Grade Reps:  Instead of room parents, each grade has two parent representatives on the Crocker Parent Group executive board.

HCSD: Hillsborough City School District, which includes North, South & West Elementary Schools and Crocker Middle School. 

Hillsborough Rec or HREC:  Extracurricular sports and enrichment for students and adults.

Homeroom:  See First Period.

HSF: The Hillsborough Schools Foundation is a charitable foundation, founded to ensure excellence in our schools. HSF enables tax deductible gifts to the district through its Annual Giving Campaign, Events, and Business Partners.  HSF supports many programs at Crocker, including Maker Space, Music, Language, Counselor and the library, as well as small class sizes.

HTV: Hillsborough Television, through our Hillsborough Vimeo Channel. Links to broadcasts can be found in the Viking News. Crocker students view a student-produced HTV broadcast each morning during First Period.

Intercultural Food Festival: Students participate by setting up a booth to share information, food and/or dances from their culture.  All students attend during lunch and can buy food, and all of the money raised goes to charity. This festival usually happens just before spring break. 

Intramurals: Organized activities/sports by grade level at lunchtime.  Class competition points are earned by participating. 

Lunch:  Each day except Thursday, lunch and recess is from 12:42 to 1:20.  On Thursdays, lunch and recess is from 11:58 to 12:38.  Students may bring their own lunch or order hot lunch online from the current vendor. Hot lunch must be ordered and purchased in advance, and is served in the MPR. 

MPR:  Multi Purpose Room, and where hot lunch is served.  Traditionally, 6th graders eat lunch inside the MPR, while 7th & 8th graders eat lunch outside. 

Networking Meetings:  Parents meet by grade level to discuss pertinent topics and socialize. Speakers are occasionally scheduled to present relevant topics. 

Outdoor Education:  An opportunity for 6th grade students to spend a week away in nature, learning about science and bonding with others in their grade. Teachers and 8th grade student leaders help chaperone and lead this exciting week, usually held in early November.

Powerschool:  Online portal to check student grades throughout the year.  Access and relevant instructions will be provided to parents after the start of the school year. 

Scholars Circle: Families who donate to HSF at the leadership level of $10,000 or more annually.

Site Council: A group of faculty, elected parents and student council officers  who help make curriculum and program decisions. 

School Supplies:  See the School Supply List  link for school supplies requested by grade level.  Please note that some teachers/subjects may request additional items. 

Sports:  See Hillsborough Rec or HREC.

Student Store: The place for students to get Crocker sweatshirts and other swag, snacks, or bagels and juice on Wednesdays.  The Student Store is located in the courtyard and is open during every recess. 

Talent Show: There is an all-school talent show every year, usually the last day of school. All students can audition and participate in the show. 

Turkey Trot: An optional race, held before Thanksgiving Break, where all grades compete and run.  This is a fun Crocker tradition where alumni can run too!

Viking News:  The e-newsletter that is emailed to all Crocker families twice per month.  A great place to check for updated Crocker news, important dates and upcoming events.

WEB:  Where Everyone Belongs.  Renamed - see DREAM

WTEN:  What To Expect Night.  Take a tour of your child’s classrooms and meet their teachers.  Usually held in early September, this is a parent-only event.