PG President's Message

June 2019,

Dear Crocker Viking Parents,

On behalf of the Crocker Parent Group Executive Board, I want to welcome you back from summer break! To help you get ready for the first day of school, Wednesday, August 21st (noon dismissal), please make sure that you read all the enclosed information in this e-packet.

A Crocker “VIKINGS” Welcome

V - VOLUNTEER – Even though our students will grow more independent in middle school, they still need our help and there are many ways you can be involved.

Lunch Volunteering: This a great way to see your child and experience

middle school dynamics. To volunteer, please visit: Crocker Parent Volunteer Sign Up

Event Volunteering: There are various committees where parents can

participate, meet others and support our school. To volunteer, please visit:

Crocker Parent Volunteer Sign Up

I - INFORMED – The best way to stay connected to Crocker is to attend our Crocker Parent Group Meetings.

August 23 – 8:45am, Crocker Library

First Crocker Parent Group (CPG) Meeting

All parents are welcome to attend, meet our new principal, Maria Brady, and enjoy a coffee!

K - KEEP IN TOUCH - There are several places to find relevant Crocker News.

Crocker Parent Group Website

This site is a great archive for all things Crocker.

Crocker Viking Newsletter: Look for a bi-monthly newsletter via email.

This update includes notes from our Crocker Principal, Parent Board, and

information for upcoming events.

Social Media: Follow Crocker on Instagram at @crockerparentgroup

I - INTEGRATED - The Crocker Parent Group Board has integrated all the various costs of the year into one grade-level payment. Your dues will cover the yearbook, the directory, class parties, field trips to Great America & Raging Waters, Cotillion, etc. Please complete your payment before the school year begins. To pay, please visit: Crocker Parent Group Dues

N - NETWORKING - Every grade level has informative grade-specific networking meetings, hosted by our networking chairs. These meetings provide parents with the opportunity to get to know each other and learn about grade-specific topics.

Parent Networking Meetings:

● September 6 – 8:45am - 6th Grade Networking Coffee, Crocker Library.

● September 13 – 8:45am - 7th Grade Networking Coffee, Crocker Library.

● September 20 – 8:45am - 8th Grade Networking Coffee, Crocker Library.

G - GO ONLINE – There are a variety of online resources for reference. Hillsborough City School District and this Crocker Parent Group Website. See Pages/links on upper left side

All Hillsborough School Calendars, bell schedules and more.


If you’d like to keep up with your child’s progress in school, make sure to

download the Powerschool application.

Crocker Spirit Wear Clothing

S – SUPPORT- The Crocker Parent Group Executive Board is here to help and support you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or input.

President: Leigh Roslansky

Co-VP of Volunteers: Linda Willey and Deb Crisp

Treasurer: Esther Buss

Newsletter Editor: Leslie Huie

Secretary: Stefanie Egan

Networking Rep: Katie St. Geme and Afsoon Turner

Trustee Rep: Kristi Nyhus

Site Council Chair: Zara Fritts

6th Grade Reps: Mona Pine and Sheila Druskin

7th Grade Reps: Cameron Hecht and Nicole Lenihan

8th Grade Reps: Janie Moore and Jen Salma

Enjoy the last few bits of summer and I look forward to an exciting new school year ahead and reconnecting with the dynamic community that we are so fortunate to be a part of.

All the best,

Leigh Roslansky, President

Crocker Parent Group Executive Board 2019- 2020