Last year ESCRIP generated over $25,000 in donations for HSF. More than 50% of that ECRIP donation came from Safeway. Between 1-5% of your Safeway purchases are donated back to HSF through ESCRIP.

To keep the donations coming, Safeway requires you to annually renew your card before November 1.

Go to and hit renew after you log in to your account.

Alternatively, reply RENEW to and the eScrip coordinator will do it for you.

While you are logged in, please update all of your credit card info.

Other local businesses such as Lunardis, Draegers, etc. also donate between 1-5% of purchases to ESCRIP.

These donations are calculated off your credit card information.

Finally, Mollie Stones now uses its community card to calculate the ESCRIP contribution. If you shop at Mollie Stones and have a community card, please update your account to include this number. Mollie Stones has just initiated a challenge! They will donate an additional $500 to the school with the largest % increase in spending for the period September 1 through October 31. So if you are a Mollie Stones shopper, please make sure to update your ESCRIP account to include your community card number.

If you are not signed up for ESCRIP or have not added your Safeway Card or Mollie Stones Community Card, please take the time to do so now. It is very simple ( These funds are important to HSF.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please email me at . Thank you for your assistance,

ESCRIP Coordinator