COVID Update


Dear Viking Families,

Our HCSD Board of Trustees determined in September that, based on the complexities of distance learning and instruction, as well as the safety needs for return to school when is practicable, the best course of action for our Crocker Middle School students was to remain in Distance Learning through the first trimester. Trimester 2 begins on November 16, 2020. At that point, we will begin Crocker Middle School’s measured, sequential approach to return to school. Many opportunities for collaboration with stakeholders took place throughout the summer months to look at the best and most reasonable approaches for both Distance Learning and In-Person Instruction. Our goal has always been to return to school when safe and practicable to do so. HCSD began by focusing on bringing back our most vulnerable student groups and our younger learners, while at the same time preparing Crocker to bring back our middle school students in trimester two. Each decision we made along the way, including planning for distance learning, has been predicated on our goal of creating a seamless transition to in-person learning within the scope and limitation of health and safety requirements.

What is a measured approach? Below is a table that sequences our measured approach to return to school in-person. Return to school with the required safety protocols is dramatically different from our former classroom environments. A measured approach balances the need to teach safety protocols to all students and build in the rituals and routines for in-person instruction. Our students will need time and practice to learn these new rituals and routines in a safe and welcoming environment. It is extremely imperative to acknowledge that a return to in-person school cannot happen all at once. It must occur in gradual stages, such as a measured sequential approach. For the safety and well-being of all, we must go slow and steady to win the race.

Beginning next week we will share the Crocker Return to School Plan in greater detail. Next week you will receive a survey to declare your family’s intent to either: 1) return to school, or 2) request a virtual classroom for trimester 2. You will be asked to make your family’s decision by Friday, October 16. Prior to making your decision we will share the daily schedule for in-person instruction in more detail. We will outline how virtual classroom students will form a cohort or team by grade level and mirror the same schedule as their in-person peers. Additionally, we will share the Crocker Return to School Safety Document currently in draft form. For your reference, I have attached to this email two resources with more information on return to school plans for HCSD. We will do our very best to provide you with as much information as possible in an effort to assist you in making an informed decision regarding your family’s plan for trimester 2.

How will returning to school affect my child's schedule of classes and teachers? Once we have confirmed the number of students choosing to return school for in-person learning, we can begin restructuring our learning communities. Due to restructuring based on the number of students opting for in-person and those opting for Virtual Classroom, we anticipate having some movement within teams. A team is the group of students assigned to the same advisory and flex period teacher. This team moves together from period to period. A house is made up of 5 teams (with an average of 15 students per team). We will prioritize maintaining our Blue and Gold houses with the same group of students and same set of core teachers as is possible. While our first priority will be to keep students in the same house with the same set of core teachers, some students may see a change to their period schedule and team.

Together, with the patience and support of our community, we will continue to cultivate our Viking spirit and come through these daunting times Viking Strong!

With appreciation,

Maria Brady